Discover the photographic genius of 20th Century Publicity/Glamour Photographer, Murray Korman

Book Release: Coming 2021

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Historic Treasure Trove

of Photographs


Korman's Portfolio estimated around 475,000 in 1939.  

Today, perhaps there are a thousand or two left.

Murray Korman: The Genius

behind the Lens

“Korman’s assistant photographers sometimes

refer to him as ‘the Master,’ a harmless deviation from the one big name that rather pleases him.

They recognize his great talent for extracting

glamour and allure from even the drabbest of

women. ‘I don’t know how it is,’ one of them said

recently, ‘but Murray could photograph a mummy and make it look sexy.’”


The New Yorker

magazine article,

October 1942.



Korman's portfolio in 1939 was estimated to be 475,000.  Book will feature photos from the heirs' collection of 600 remaining images, and many will be new to the public. 

Curator & Authors

Clyde Adams

Clyde is a gifted graphic artist and author of several books, including "The One Big Name" also about

the life and photographs

of Murray Korman. 

Unofficially, Clyde with his unique skill set has essentially become Curator of the Korman Family collection of photographs and negatives. Due to the depth and breadth of the collection, Clyde is partnering with Maureen to produce this second book. In addition to more detail about Korman's life, the story will also feature bios and photographs on a variety of his famous and not-so-famous clients.


History comes alive in Clyde's hands in the form of beautiful montages of old vintage photos.

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Maureen McCabe

Lover of old photographs, Maureen wrote a book entitled "Moon Over Vaudeville" in 2011 about her father's life in Vaudeville during the 1930s.

It was through that research she discovered photographer Murray Korman and his fascinating study of the glamorous era of show business from the late 1920s through his death in 1961.


Maureen is excited about the collaboration with Clyde, featuring the photographic history of this glamorous era in American Entertainment.  At this point, there are enough materials to see about the viability of an exhibit.  Maureen is actively pursuing some additional avenues to bring Murray Korman back to the public's attention.


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