"Murray Korman's Vintage Babes of Broadway,"
by Clyde Adams & Maureen McCabe 

The story of and photographs produced by photographer Murray Korman in the late 1920s through his death in 1961 captivated both Clyde Adams and Maureen McCabe. Their vision was to create several books, websites, and possibly an exhibit in New York City, where the story took place. They still hope to find someone who specializes in Photographic Gallery Exhibits to help them achieve that dream. 
What's been accomplished to date that they are proud and excited about:
Two websites (www.murraykorman.com and www.vintagebabesofbroadway.com) are up and running. One book, "Murray Korman: The One Big Name" by Clyde Adams, is available online: https://www.amazon.com/Murray-Korman-One-Big-Name/dp/1735149403
And, the second book, "Murray Korman's Vintage Babes of Broadway," is well on its way. It is more of a pictorial book with stunning photos. It is already over 100 pages of vintage photographs that include biographical sketches about the pictures' subjects. Bob Hope, Betty Grable, Eve Arden, Loretta Young, Julie Newmar, and Anne Bancroft are just a few celebrities in the book.

With Clyde's exceptional graphic design skills and interest in history, he stepped in basically the Curator and Custodian for the estate's more than 600 hundred photos. The Korman portfolio contains many well-known show business celebrities and NYC's carriage trade from that era. 
McCabe has worked on publicity/marketing/writing/research in various ways over time where she thought she could be helpful. She finds it delightful visiting this timeframe while thinking of ways to bring the old stories into a new century.